Tuesday, 8 December 2015


speech title Deserves more thought

The title is your audience’s first exposure to your speech. It potentially will appear in an event program or agenda. It will be used when you are introduced and welcomed on the podium. It is the “Tag Line” for your speech and provides a first opportunity to influence and warm up your audience. It is your first (and perhaps only) chance to market your speech. A compelling title which invokes curiosity has a potentiality to attract a large audience. 
A title could be used to plant an assumption or confuse / misdirect the audience to add emphasis to the opening message of your speech. i.e. My icebreaker speech was Titled “ADDICTION” though it talked about my love for travel. Either way, your title should complement your speech and be just as considered as the body.

Tips for writing a speech title

Finding a good speech title is hard. It requires the same creative effort as any other element of your speech. However there are some tips / guidelines that can help you in the process

Simplicity is a virtue:                                    You should make sure that your title is easy to pronounce and understand. The audience shouldn’t be wondering what the meaning of that title is? The easiest way to do this is to make sure it is in plain and simple English. Titles that can be read at a glance are much more effective than long ones. It is safe to say that the longer the title, the fewer people will read it. Long speech titles defeat the very purpose for which they're intended.

Bait for the audience:                          Your title should be of interest to the audience. It should allure them / invoke curiosity. People are intrigued by suggestions that leave something to their imaginations. The title, however, should not lead the audience to believe you will speak on one subject when you plan to give a talk on another.

Be original as much as possible:           Overworked titles scream BORING and are the quickest way to encourage your audience to switch off before you've even got started. 

Don’t Ramble on:                                    Don’t create a lo--------ng title. The title needs to be eye-catching and readable at a glance.

Don’t be inappropriate.                There are several ways when the speech title may be inappropriate.

It may lead your audience to expect something from your speech which doesn't get delivered! Whilst creating suspense about the speech subject matter is good, but don’t be so obscure that your title misleads your listeners.

It may be too humorous when your subject matter is entirely serious (do note, however, that humor can be great in a speech title, if it fits with the theme of the speech and we don’t get overboard).

It may be offensive and hit the sentiments of the audience. Think carefully!

REMEMBER that you CAN’T save a bad speech with a MARVELOUS title, but you CAN make a good speech MORE memorable with a title that grabs your audience attention and makes them keen to hear what you have to say.

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