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Project 5 – The Body Speaks - Speech

As discussed in my previous blog my Toastmaster Project 5 was named “The Choice”. The speech was a scarstic take on the choices we make in the urban fast paced society and how it impacts us at the end.  As described in Toastmaster Project 2 – Organise your speech – used the beginning to introduce the problem - put in couple of examples in the middle to highlight the issue – and talked of the action required in the conclusion. In red are the body movement I had attempted of incorporating.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“THE CHOICE”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Few days ago, I was reading a humorous speech loud. It started with:

If you want to be a monkey, eat bananas and insects
If you want to be a giraffe, eat shrubs, leaves and barks
If you want to be a buffalo, eat the movie posters
If you want to be a lion eat the monkey, giraffe, and buffalo

My Three and half year old Son, who was doing his trademark gymnastics, asked “If you want to be Human what should you eat?” Quite used to such googlies, I remarked “Humans eat Burger and Fries”

Good evening Toastmasters and Guest, The world is progressing with every second. Using our grey mater we create new technology every other day. And pat our back while marveling on them. (Pat own shoulder)

When God originally created man, he was lean and fit. God covered the earth with broccoli, cauliflower, spinach; with green, yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, lean proteins,  so man would live long and healthy. He also meant us to work hard use our body to earn them, wanted us to be active.

But we are Genius we are supposed to invent the way of life not follow other’s wish. So we started making our life cosy.

A few years ago, we used to spend around 250-300 calories while cleaning our cars for an hour. (Hand expression of washing the car) But we are not meant to work hard, we are suppose to make things to make our life easier. So we created car wash machine. Now we drive our car into the machine and watch from the cosy drivers seat how our car being washed and dried. (Body movement of relaxing) We don’t have to spend a single calorie. How Genius and efficient we are.

That’s not all, we wanted our food to be delicious pleasing the senses. Our brain started working.

God gave us potatoes, a medium size (4.5 oz) when baked has
  • ·         45 percent of the daily value of vitamin C
  • ·         More potassium (620mg) than even bananas, spinach or broccoli
  • ·         10 percentage of the daily value of B6
  • ·         Plus folate, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc etc 
  • ·         All of the above for only 110 calories with no fat, sodium and cholesterol

But we are genius. We have to create something delicious to please our senses. We added some salt  and then fried it in oil. Out comes our delicious one and only “French fries”. We all love it right. (Facial expression of yummy food)

In doing that we doubled the calorie made it around 243 calorie, with additives of 6.3g of fat &  521mg of sodium. Also there is a topping of 8mg of cholesterol.  

One day while doing my not so regular jogging, (If possible imitate jogging) I saw an old man rocking in his chair on the portico of his house. I couldn’t resist looking at the old man… he was short… but fat… his skin had wrinkles, hair was grey. The old man was happily reading a newspaper with his thick glasses.

I went to the old man and said "Sir! I couldn’t help noticing how happy you look. What’s your secret for a long happy life?"

"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he said. "I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods, and never eat vegetables. Oh… I never exercise."
"Wow! You still managed to live this long. So, how old are you?" I asked.

The man got off his chair … folded the newspaper and said... "I’m just thirty; I look very old because of the choices I made in my life".

Fellow Toastmasters, in the journey named life we always have two roads in front of us. (Show them the two imaginary roads by hand and walk on the two roads as you are describing them )

One road starts off with a comfortable note but is short and gets bumpy with quite bigger pot holes appearing as we progress. The ending is painful.

The other road is a bit bumpy in the beginning; you would need some willpower to pass that phase. But as we go on it becomes smooth like silk. You can cruise for a considerable long time towards a happy ending.

The choice is ours. We have to choose which road to follow.  Just bear in mind the choice will be there always. You can shift from any path to the other.
What happens to you in your life is not in hands in the destiny, its in your choice. Your destiny always follows your choice.

Make your choice so that at the end of this journey, you can stand tall and look into the mirror and say in pride “That was a right choice Baby” (Hand outstretched with a relax posture as if you are declaring and patting your back)

Mr Toastmaster

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