Monday, 16 May 2016


Nobody Cares!

Believe it or not, it's true - not single person in your audience cares about you. You and your story. You and your success. You and your obstacles. You and your genius ideas.

Even if your mom, spouse, or kids are in the audience - they don't care about you either.

Humans are an egotistical lot. Only they care about is themselves. To be honest we love our name the most, even if we say to others even sometimes ourselves that we don’t love our name.
That doesn’t mean we don’t like other person, we hear the story of success and adventure, because it affects us, it gives us the ambition and push to start believing that we can do. Why do you think, that underdog stories are the most successful stories in the world. Its one and only because it’s helps us to believe that we can do it, we also can be the best, in short it suits our egoism.

While constructing a speech this is the first thing that we have to make sure, that in our speech there is something that the audience can relate to, something that can suit their self-interest.
Your, audience needs a reason to care that is in their self-interest - because they only want to hear what you have to say if it benefits THEM.

Those benefits don't have to be major. They may simply come in the entertainment value of your talk. More likely, for the average Non-Celebrity Speaker, the benefits will come in the form of your process - your solution to their problem, their pain.

Human has a tendency to relate easier to “problem” and “pain.” These are the money words. Once they can see that you are talking about their pain and solution, the victory is yours.
So its our job to show them the pain in the beginning of the presentation to have them listening instead of playing “Candy Crush” or “Temple Run” in their smart phones.

If you ARE a celebrity speaker, their pain may simply be that they don't understand how you got to be you. Envy. So you let them know right away you're going to give them behind-the-scenes access to being you, so THEY can find hope that THEY can be more like you.

But for Non-celebrity speakers(like ourselves, at least me for sure) here are few bullet points for invoking the pain.

Leadership – To climb up the ladders of success, is everybody’s dream. The more they climb more they want. Humans are never satisfied with what they have, show them how you can help them with this pain. Show them that you have a way to start solving this pain. Winston Churchill once said “There never will be enough for everything while the world goes on. The more that is given the more there will be needed.”

Communication - poor communication destroys companies, slows productivity, and sours relationships of every kind. There is never a person who don’t want to improve his speaking capabilities. Even the best speaker have to look a way to suppress his nervousness as he goes up to speak

Failure – Can you quote any success that doesn’t have a failure associated with. As we say that “Failures are pillars of success”. Maximum persons if not all asks questions “How may pillar left” ? Use this to show the light at the end of the tunnel.

Its not that hard to find the pain. Every step in the world is associated with some pain, be it financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being to some degree. Point out the pain and them show them you have been there, you have gone through them. And share with them a promise that by the end of the presentation you will show them the “PAIN RELIEF”. If you can do this convincingly, they will lend you their attention, without any questions asked
Most of us start speaking because we want to hear ourselves talk, we want to share our stories, our success, our message. We enjoy the attention. Those that are successfully STAY in speaking learn to understand their audience first and give them the first priority. As a result the audience gets a filtered version of what Speakers want to say suiting their interest.

So when you are drafting a speech or a message begin asking “So What?” The best approach is finding a person that can do it for you.

Remember until you give the audience a reason to care  - a pain that they can associate with, they will never listen. They surely don’t want to listen how awesome you are? The irony is, just making them your first priority, giving them the attention; you would achieve what you want.

It has to be all about them, to achieve what your dream.

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