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Toastmaster Project 9: persuade with power
 The ability to persuade people - getting them to understand, accept and act upon your ideas - is a valuable skill. Your listeners will more likely be persuaded if they perceive you as credible, if you use logic and emotion in your appeal, if you carefully structure your speech and if you appeal to their interests. Avoid using notes because they may cause listeners to doubt your sincerity, knowledge and conviction.
  • Persuade listeners to adopt your viewpoint or ideas or to take some action.
  • Appeal to the audience's interests.
  • Use logic and emotion to support your position.
  • Avoid using notes.
Time: Five to Seven minutes.

Why is it important
At some point everyone tries to persuade someone else for something. It may be selling a product or lobbying for a promotion or even just trying to win a debate competition.  As we face challenges from the person/persons we are trying to persuade, we try to be push harder.  But, the harder you push the more people have a tendency to get defensive and back away. This is one of the most important challenges faced by a leader / person when one tries to get the work done from his / her subordinates / colleagues.
Good persuasion is a skill. It's a give and take allowing for people to move at their own pace with some steady nudging. Some are good at it but others needed to learn it from scratch. But both have to continuously practice it. There are a number of effective and inoffensive considerations and techniques that can help with pleasant persuasion.
How to Persuade:

Depending on your topic and your audience, there are several ways you might try to convince people of your point of view. Since the days of ancient Greece, speakers have relied on three main persuasive approaches.
  • Appealing to the audiences ethics and morals
  • Appealing to the audience emotions
  • Appealing to the Audience logic

MY TOASTMaster Speech 9

In the next blog post we will be discussing the speech named “The Change”. In this speech I have appealed to the emotions and logic of audience. My aim was to persuade the audience to seek for help, if there knowledge doesn’t suffice.
In order to persuade,  I used a story of myself changing a tyre. The sequence of events was exaggerated to persuade the audience.

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