Sunday, 26 February 2017


slides – is it important?

Do you always pull out slides or projector when you are having an important conversation with your friend or relative in a restaurant. Rather that will be the odd thing to do. We look into their eyes and give them the proper / full attention along with the words. They feel important and start taking your words seriously.

This, I know will raise a question: then why do we use slides? If you look at the maximum of the best speeches of all time, you will not find any use of slides.

Though there are question: would these speeches have been better if they were narrated over slides?
In many cases, no. You’d have to listen carefully to figure out when ideas would be better presented visually rather than with words alone, which is the secret for thinking about your own presentations: when do you truly need a visual image to express an idea? And when would it be better simply letting your voices tell the story?

Most of the time we speak with slides because it seems more challenging because:
  • We feel naked without the familiar crutch of slides behind you
  • It may require a different and more intense way to prepare
  • It demands more thinking and refinement of your ideas

Speaking without slides is often better because:
  • Audiences grant you more attention and authority over the room
  • You have no fear of slide or A/V malfunctions
  • You can never become a slave to your slides
  • It forces you to clarify and improve your ideas, making you a better speaker

But sometimes the reverse is also true slides do have some advantages, including:
  • Some concepts are best expressed visually especially a technical concept
  • They can serve as a handout

When is it best to speak without slides?

If the speaking time is 15 minutes or less, it is more convenient and better to go without slides. But anything more than that the dynamics to keeping the attention of the audience becomes complex. I generally try to use the slides, this helps me to catch the audience attention going and also helping them to link with what I have said earlier.

In short use slides when it enhances the presentation and there is no other way to present.

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